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Shipping & Returns car free within radius the municipality of Chisinau, including Chisinau airport. Driver’s age and driving license The client has to be minimum 21 years old, to own a driving license cat. B and have a driving experience of at least 3 years. Payment The rental fee is fully paid Service at the date of signing the contract. Payment is made cash, with Visa card or Masterecard. Prices The rental fee includes insurance, technical inspection and road taxes. Deposit Customer must deposit a guarantee of 100 euros, which is fully refundable at the experation date of the contract. This Deposit is not refundable if the customer has inadvertently caused damage to the car. The minimum rental period and booking The minimum rental period is 48 hours. We accept reservations by telephone and via the Internet. The customer must book the car for minimum 48 hours before picking it up. Using of the hired car The car will be driven only by the person who signed the rental contract if an additional driver is not stipulated in contract. To comply with the traffic regulations in Moldova stipulated in Road Traffic Regulation. Not to use the car in commercial porposes, taxi or transportation of passengers. To drive the car on public roads only, not to enter the drifts of snow, forests, or to use it in hunting activities. Not to carry more passengers than seats avaliable in the car. Not leave the car opened without supervion an to park it in an authorized parking lot during the rental period. In case of accidents, to notify the company immediately, the police etc., and to take appropriate measures for personal and car’s security. It is strictly forbidden to leave the territory of Moldova and enter the Transnistrian region without acknowledging the company. Delays If the rented car is not returned at time specified in the contract, the first hour of delay is charged with 8 Euro/hour, the next 3 hours are charged with 10 euros/hour. If delay exceeds 3 hours it will be charged as a whole day. A 4 hour delay without acknowledging the company (a verbal or written announcement) will entail the declaration to the police theft of the car. Extension of the contract If the client requests an extension of the contract, then it will be extended with the same conditions set at the date of signing the contract and the price will remain the same as previously established. The rental company’s duties After signing the contract the company must provide to tenant the car in good technical conditions. The company alsowill transmit the client documents and car keys.

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